Battle of 1815 - Waterloo

Battle of 1815 - Waterloo

Battle of 1815 - Game Screen Battle of 1815 - Waterloo is a turn based board game for two players. It reflects common principles and rules of war during the Napoleon Age. As general you learn to command your army and to leave the battlefield as winner.

The game is based on Guy Debort's Kriegsspiel (also known as Le jeu de la guerre or Game of War). While sharing some characteristics with chess (structure of the board, types of units and symmetric war), this war game features additional strategic elements like chains of communication, cavalry charge, fortresses or mountains. These elements create manifold opportunities during combat.

Gameplay and Rules are quickly understood. However, each battle is different due to endless tactical opportunities. By playing this war game you will learn more about war strategies and tactics.

Beta 0.03 Released - Improved Multiplayer

2010-06-20 RB

A new verison of the board game Battle of Waterloo is available.
Game Options are now editable. Multiplayer support has been improved and some minor issues have been fixed.
Download Beta 0.03 of Battle of Waterloo (Freeware)

Beta 0.02 Released - Critical Bugfix

2010-06-08 RB

The Beta 0.02 of Battle of Waterloo contains a critical bugfix für multiplayer games. In the Beta 0.01 release, an external library which is required for comparing the game states between the two players was missing. This caused unexpected errors when finishing the turn.

Download Beta 0.02 of Battle of Waterloo (Freeware)

Beta 0.01 Released - Ready to play

2010-04-22 RB

The first release of the strategy game is ready for download. Enjoy a local game or fight via Internet against your friends. May the best commander win the combat...
Download Battle of 1815 - Waterloo (Freeware)